Why should i donate money?

”Why should i donate money to the project?”


As things are now you don’t get anything by donating (except making us happy).

But in the future we plan to make a lot of for donators. There will be two different sorts of donations. The first one is the smallest were u donate 10$ to the project. The second one is 25$. Also we will make so people who wants to donate more or less can choose the precise amount (if you donate more or less money than one of the two sort you won’t archive anything, except our gratitude).

Here are our plans so far;

  • A free house for a donator. (There is a limit where you can get a house and also you can’t get houses which already is owned by other players).


  • * (the star means that only people who donate 25$ will get the PDF file along with the house & rank). A PDF-file with a complete guide through our server. It will contain mod secret and a lot of server map secrets in Middle Earth. It will tell you about: mod future, recipes for mod, mod details (will tell how things work- example sting glows when orcs are near), secret places on the server, a travelling guide through the server, tell where each sort of flower grows, where animals live in Middle-earth, tell you about each mob in the mod, etc.


  • A special rank (Man of the West). Along with this rank you archive the free house. The rank is mostly a bonus and wont contain any special commands only for that rank (it will be like the Arphen rank).


Any sharing of the PDF-file will be tolerated as a break of the Copyright.


Please note that if people donate to us after reading this you will NOT get the rank, free house or PDF. It will first be in later progress. The Valar Project doesn’t have any responsible for people who donate without reading this or donators who want their money return. 



  • if you got more ideas for what we could offer please put them in a comment below.


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  • "How do i get whitelisted?"  - it's NOT whitelisted. just install the mod correct and join. if u can't join u installed the mod wrong.



  • "what does Valar mean?" - Gods


  • "what is the IP?" - s4.minecraft-infinity.com:27323


  • "Why can't i join the website?" - because it's a free website and there can maximum be 50 members. you can first have an account when we pay for the website (we will first buy it when we get some donation money)


  • "what is the dimension of the map" - around 21000x20000


* why can't i connect to the server? -

you probably installed the mod wrong or is using a wrong version of Minecraft. or maybe you don't have a premium account for minecraft (one you paid for).








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