My research is now finally complete!

-and i found out that TVP has the largest Minecraft Middle-earth map ever seen.


our greatest competitor; MCME (which i respect) has a map there is 22000x24000


TVP's map is 18000x21000



if you compare their map:



with ours:



you definitely see that our map is much bigger cause it's square formed and theirs is not!


So Congratulations to ourselves!


PLEASE leave a comment below if you like this news, hate me or love me for making this huge Middle-Earth map for Minecraft


Many Kind Regards & HAPPY NEW YEAR!



  • I think it is amazing Nic!

    I am so thankful I know you, this is a great map and a great project. I can't see anyone who wouldn't join and play or atleast "check it out." Your map is 200% more detailed then theirs and we have the bigger one that means bigger builds= More amazed people :-)

  • he he thanks :) i'm glad that you like this news ;)

  • "Your map is 200% more detailed then theirs and we have the bigger one that means bigger builds"- Is acctually not the case. You can have long expansive builds, but if it has no detail whatsoever, the scale is devoid of anything. And this "Competitor" Business, why take it as a competition? There can be more than just one Middle Earth map. MCME are more experienced and more detailed in builds than The Valar Project, I can say that without shadow of a doubt because that is fact. But to make building Middle-Earth a competition should really be avoided. I mean, yes it's a large map but that DOESN'T mean great builds, it just means a larger plane to construct on. You can hate MCME all you want but you cannot ignore the facts. They have experienced staff who work hard at what they do and like what they do. The Valar Project has semi-experienced staff, meaning they don't have a gold mine of knowledge about server realations and how to avert things like server disputes or even to end server disputes.


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  • "How do i get whitelisted?"  - it's NOT whitelisted. just install the mod correct and join. if u can't join u installed the mod wrong.



  • "what does Valar mean?" - Gods


  • "what is the IP?" -


  • "Why can't i join the website?" - because it's a free website and there can maximum be 50 members. you can first have an account when we pay for the website (we will first buy it when we get some donation money)


  • "what is the dimension of the map" - around 21000x20000


* why can't i connect to the server? -

you probably installed the mod wrong or is using a wrong version of Minecraft. or maybe you don't have a premium account for minecraft (one you paid for).








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