IP adress

What is the IP address so I can join the server when it re-opens?



  • there is none at the moment i haven't bought the server yet

  • How have you built the misty mountains without a server?
  • programs & with height maps

  • The server opens tomorrow right? If so then you should the IP Address by now.
  • PLEASE read the news before you ask questions again. and i'm not any talking about this case, but also in others. i hate people who don't research the sites for information and just ask stupid questions.


    i'll make a FAQ soon


    kind regards

  • IP:

  • Does this server work? Also My Minecraft isn't working so I'll have to reinstall it
  • yes it works over 200 people have visited it so far. just install our mod for MC 1.4.7 and join :)


    kind regards

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  • "How do i get whitelisted?"  - it's NOT whitelisted. just install the mod correct and join. if u can't join u installed the mod wrong.



  • "what does Valar mean?" - Gods


  • "what is the IP?" - s4.minecraft-infinity.com:27323


  • "Why can't i join the website?" - because it's a free website and there can maximum be 50 members. you can first have an account when we pay for the website (we will first buy it when we get some donation money)


  • "what is the dimension of the map" - around 21000x20000


* why can't i connect to the server? -

you probably installed the mod wrong or is using a wrong version of Minecraft. or maybe you don't have a premium account for minecraft (one you paid for).








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