okay as some of you may have noticed in the other Lord of the Rings films there was two version. i just noticed today that a THIRD version of it is made for the hobbit -.-'

and then there is of course the Lego Lord of the rings version.... but that's not official so, we will maybe only base some of the interior on the Lego version.


so i fear it will be VERY difficult to build it and it will be a combination of all of them




Lord of the Rings

the fellowship leaves Rivendell:



Rivendell in general:



The Hobbit:







  • Use the one when the fellowship leaves Rivendell

  • we will use all three versions and try to combine them so they appear as they all look like the pictures

  • I really don't think that you should use the Lego LOTR as a reference for your building. In my opinion, using non-canon sources kind of undermines your reputation and accuracy. There are tons of places that you could base your places off of that are like this but there is no really basis aside from somebody's imagination. If you are going to base it off of guesses, you might as well do if off your own.

  • it will only be the interior from places you don't see in the movies

  • use the description in the books

  • I think that lego may be popular with our future members but the lego modelers work around the actual build using what ever piece they can find. Some features could be lego but not much in my opinion, as we should base it off the original films as this is a total recreation of LotR

  • the films are not always a total recreation of the books, there are some wrongs in the films, but there is not enough descriptions in the books so you cant work from that only. though, i dont think very much of the lego-versions (the ones i have seen).  I think the best way is working from the books first, if there is not enough description, use the films as second, end lego and other such stuff as third

  • i can't understand why you guys keep discussing about the lego version as the description says i will ONLY use it for interior if there is no other interior information

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