Hello all!

This project as I hope will be the biggest project on minecraft ever seen! I would like everyone to appreciate Nic's hard work with the terrain building, some folks may say "he is taking a while" but in my view he is working very hard and creating high quality maps, which will soon be up for structural building! :D

A nice comment below would be nice to show your appreciation to Nic's work :-)





  • Whoop Whoop for Nic!
  • he he thanks my friend i just hope the ending result wont disappoint anyone ;)

  • Keep up the good work

  • I agree to everything in the text, it is a huge project so you must count in it taking some time

  • One Day you will have completely created the greatest M-E map. And you are almost there!

  • he he thx btw the ip is up ;)

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  • "How do i get whitelisted?"  - it's NOT whitelisted. just install the mod correct and join. if u can't join u installed the mod wrong.



  • "what does Valar mean?" - Gods


  • "what is the IP?" -


  • "Why can't i join the website?" - because it's a free website and there can maximum be 50 members. you can first have an account when we pay for the website (we will first buy it when we get some donation money)


  • "what is the dimension of the map" - around 21000x20000


* why can't i connect to the server? -

you probably installed the mod wrong or is using a wrong version of Minecraft. or maybe you don't have a premium account for minecraft (one you paid for).








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