A Warning to all Members harassing other Server's

To any members of The Valar Project, this is a warning issued to all members of the project. I have recently heard about some members or supporters of The Valar Project going onto Minecraft Middle-Earth's server and harassing their staff. I have also heard of people spamming their video's with "JOIN THE VALAR PROJECT", If I aquire any of these people's names they will be banned from the server. These actions to not reflect well on the server community and is bad overall for both server's. Minecraft Middle-Earth is another server that  is striving to build Middle-Earth and has been building Middle-Earth for two years, they have texture packs and plugin engineers that are commended for their creativity, Minecraft Middle-Earth deserves respect for what they have managed to do. Those who feel the obligation to harass Minecraft Middle-Earth will be dealt with by a ban from the server. I don't want to see this behaviour from anyone on the server.



  • Well said. Due to recent events I should also note that if any people from other lotr servers do this to us, or hurt any of our players, I will try my best to do more than ban you }:)

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  • "How do i get whitelisted?"  - it's NOT whitelisted. just install the mod correct and join. if u can't join u installed the mod wrong.



  • "what does Valar mean?" - Gods


  • "what is the IP?" - s4.minecraft-infinity.com:27323


  • "Why can't i join the website?" - because it's a free website and there can maximum be 50 members. you can first have an account when we pay for the website (we will first buy it when we get some donation money)


  • "what is the dimension of the map" - around 21000x20000


* why can't i connect to the server? -

you probably installed the mod wrong or is using a wrong version of Minecraft. or maybe you don't have a premium account for minecraft (one you paid for).








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