below is a list with ranks:

The ranks has nothing to do with your race, ingame profession, ingame name or anything alike. it's a staff rank!


Valar (God)=

the highest rank in the project only the most dedicated and skilled members archive this rank. normally people with this rank is admin's on our server as well.

RPG rank 3


Maia (wizard)=

the second highest rank. normally moderators or part of our council. to archive this rank you need to prove that your are more than dedicated to our project you need to prove that you have studies the work of Tolkien. you can also archive this rank with good effort and skills.

RPG rank 3


Aran (King)=

this rank is mostly for people who have helped with difficult things like modding or texturing. you can also archive this rank if you're a very good builder/ architect

RPG rank 2


Turmahîr (Captain/ general)

a rank for the hard working and dedicated Arphen. 

RPG rank 1


Arphen (Noble)=

a rank for skinners, modders & medium good builders and architects. this rank is archived if you prove your skills on the server or in the construction of the mod

RPG rank 0


Ohtar (soldier)=

the normal rank fro helpers of the mod it could be new skinners, builders, players that have played on the server for a month.

RPG rank 0


snaga (slave)=

new members of our cause. normally only new builders or players. they don't have access to take items, add or destroy blocks.

RPG rank 0



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