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Bad News :'( Tags: bad news website

HI everyone

i'm very glad and pleased that so many of you have joined the website in for the last 2 weeks, BUT this website is a free one and there can maximum be 50 members and currently we are 47 so.....

hopefully we will get some money one day so we can buy the website for full.

ps: if you aren't joining any discussions or have posted any comment or have been online in a while you might risk to lose your account. (it will be deleted so we spare money).

Traveller group! Tags: help travel test traveller map help

Hi everyone

please join the traveller group if you want help testing the size of the map.

one of our goal is to test how long time it will take to run from the shire to Framsburg in the valley of Anduin.

one of our other goals is to test how long time it takes to run from Fornost to Lond Angren.

we also want to know how long time it takes to walk through Moria and the path of the dead.


so join if you want travel around in middle-earth!

if you wanna join pm me or find the group in the "Groups" category


kind regards


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