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vote for a theme for version 0.4 Tags: vote voting awaken dreams mod help with mod themes future plans

HI everyone!


i've got an fantastic idea today, so you all have a chance to decide what version 0.4 should contain.

it's quite simple there are some different themes to decide below. if there is one of these themes you wanna see in version 0.4 just find the comment below this entry and rate it up. the one with most "likes" will win. you can vote on as many you want.

This election will end in january 2013

and version 0.4 will hopefully be out in march 2013



- Gondor vs Mordor

- The Fellowship of the Ring 

- Dwarves vs Goblins

- Angmar vs Arnor & Eriador

- Elves vs Dol Guldur

- Rhun, Harad and Umbar vs Gondor

- Druadans vs Dunland

- Animals plus


*if you want a theme that isn't writened above please leave a comment below


Rohan vs. Isengard theme for v 0.3 Tags: uruk-hai rohan isengard version 3 awaken dreams battles new mobs

Hi everyone


just to inform you loyal followers, we in the mod team is thinking of making a Rohan versus Isengard theme in version 0.3 (will come out in january proberbly).

which means that lots of new armours and weapons for both factions will be avaible. there will maybe also be one or two new NPC's and of course lots of new mobs. hopefully we will add a rideable horse as well and one or more suiting saddles for them.


other plans for version 0.3 (not official):

stone sign
add effects to all rings
make the bree glass to bree plane glass (or add both versions)
Dunedain fall into ground
fix bed texture error
miruvor effect: gives strenght & health
finish the new logo

new height level (current: 256. new: 400 or above(far from official ust one of the many plans))
boromirs sword
boromirs shield
add all the rings (with the squared jewel)
add swamp water
prison dwarf door
arlans slipper
add NPC: Boromir
add new spawner (NPC spawner. you can scroll down and select which NPC there should spawn (only 1 NPC at a time))
add all the made GUI
add gore (or part of it)
add mobs: orc, uruk-hai, uruk berserker, female mob, fat mob, elf civilian & grey company ranger (all skins ready)


and questions or requests for features you wanna see in version 0.3? then leave a comment

kind regards

Mod: 32x32 Tags: mod awaken dreams 32x32

hi everyone

the mod staff have decided that everything in the mod will be in 32x32 resolution.

so there is lots of skinning jobs available for all those who wanna help


many kind regards

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