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The Valar Project and Lord of The Rings Minecraft Edition - Christmas Event

~Written by flashcoms497 Owner of Lord of the Rings Minecraft Edition

The Valar Project and the Lord of the Rings Minecraft Edition team have been working closely together the past 6 months or so. I, flashcoms497, have known Nicrlaitheking for quite a while. Some of my team has contributed to the Awaken Dreams Mod and Nic kindly made the base for our map labeled in the PMC post: "LOTR Rohan RPG Map", or something of that sort. In fact when the Valar Project Server goes up my Staff, in their free time, said they would go onto the TVP server and help out with things for Nic permitted them to do so.

To further bond each others server we have organised events that will occur
on the 28st of December 5:00 pm GMT 0 (Subject to Change).

My server is an RPG server, so is The Valar Projects, but there are some differences, but please join

Link to my Planet Minecraft Account which you can Private Message me about the Castle:

Link to Lord of the Rings Minecraft Edition MCForum Post that briefly explains PVM in the Paragraph
(Ignore the other things such as the Application form):

And if you do wish to join in the event maybe leave a comment saying you can come just to give
us a rough estimate of how many people will come.


Bad News :'( Tags: bad news website

HI everyone

i'm very glad and pleased that so many of you have joined the website in for the last 2 weeks, BUT this website is a free one and there can maximum be 50 members and currently we are 47 so.....

hopefully we will get some money one day so we can buy the website for full.

ps: if you aren't joining any discussions or have posted any comment or have been online in a while you might risk to lose your account. (it will be deleted so we spare money).

First Test complete! Tags: misty mountains


The Misty Mountains test:


Hi everyone today i completed the first test on the map. the test was to check how long time it would take to cross the misty mountains from west to east.

The result was: 20 minutes & 28 seconds

and no this is not a joke if you don't believe me you'll have a change to do it yourself when the server re-opens.


the time is the same as one and a half Minecraft day.


This was actually done very fast here are some reasons why it won't be that fast when you play on the server:


  • You'll get killed (or fall)
  • you'll get lost
  • you'll get attacked by orcs, goblins, trolls or giants
  • you wont take the shortcut
  • the terrain will be more "stoney" at that time
  • you'll walk/fall into a cavern, which you need to travel all through
  • you wont be able to see the road cause of snow, rain or fog
  • our mod will make you travel slower in snow
  • you could die of hunger


Estimated time when the area is 100% complete (with the mod 100% complete):

35 minutes or more


for any questions about this test or any other upcoming test please leave a comment!


kind regards



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