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IP CHANGE! Tags: ip server

the old ip adress have changed to:




nothing else have changed


feel free to join (not 24/7 yet, cause' of plugin problems)


kind regards

More on Donations Tags: donation donate money 60 cents

I know you've already read a bunch of posts from Nicrlaitheking about donating to our site, but I do believe that this is something that is important that everyone knows. Everyday, I receive emails in my inbox letting me know that an new person has joined this site, and that is always great news for me. Unfortunately, due to the fact that this is the free 'demo' version of the site, there can be a maximum of 50 members signed up. Right now that is only enough to support 60% of the people on this site! If everyone currently on this site donated sixty cents (US), we would be able to buy the starter package for a year! Now the starter package would give us enough members for now, 150 to be exact. The next step up from that, the plus version, would give us unlimited number of people. To purchase that for a year, everyone would have to pitch in roughly 2.5 dollars (also US). Now, I know what your thinking right now: 'two and a half dollars, theres no way I could afford to give that much up!' Well you don't, when we start approaching the 150 member mark, that amount required is cut in half. This is a lot of numbers to soak in but I hope you see where I'm going with this: every little bit counts, and if we all pitch in, we could easily make this site more enjoyable for everyone.

TLDR: If everyone donates 60 cents we can fund this site for a year.

THE SERVER!!!!!! Tags: server lotr


the server is now open





- 24/7 support

- 100 slots




kind regards


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