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First review of The Valar Project
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Hi everyone


the first review of the server is now done

thanks to Spartan & Pengwinrex for making it.




Please give a Diamond on PMC Tags: planet minecraft server

Hi everyone


please visit our server site on Planet Minecraft and give a diamond & favorite


link: here


many kind regards

GET WHITELISTED! Tags: whitelist

Welcome To

The Valar Project


Hi everyone to get whitelisted you need to fill out these questions and send them to our gmail:


just copy paste these questions and paste them in the mail with your answer.


You can also send your answer to my planet minecraft account in a private message (my account name: Nicrlaitheking)


NOTICE! if you have been on the server before you don't need to be whitelisted




1. what is your IGN (ingame name)


2.Why do you wanna join the project?


3. for how many years have you been playing Minecraft?


4. how old are you (optional)


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