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Need the ID for a block? look here
Category: Mod News
Tags: blocks id mod blocks

Hi everyone


many of you have requested to know what the ID is for each new block in the mod. therefore scribble have been so kind to make a ID list on our wiki.


here is the link: here

Category: Member News
Tags: server help server help server support

Hello all fans, members and random people who read this.


as you might know we have a server site on pmc. this is the only public way you can support us.


i would be very grateful if you guys gave the site a diamond, favorite it and also vote :)


if you don't have an account please make one, you will probably need it in another situation also if you have questions, you can only contact me through pmc or skype.




kind regards

EVENT PLANNED! Tags: events

we will celebrate the server the 5th fabruary

cause' it is one month ago it started


for more information check the events category


kind regards


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