What is The Valar Project?

The Valar Project is a gigantic project which aims to be a total recreation of Middle-Earth (the world of Lord of the Rings) in Minecraft.

As you might know there is already several projects which aims to do the same. But TVP (The Valar Project) is making a large mod for our server as well (the mod will be one of the largest mods for Minecraft ever seen). The mod will add over 600 changes/ fixes. One of the other things we’re aiming for is to give the player a good experience with LotR. We will hold ingame parties, which will be on special LotR dates like Durin’s day etc.

We are also trying to make the largest map of middle-earth ever seen. But that’s only a bonus in our eyes cause’ the size won’t have any effect if there isn’t any details. So we are completely trying to recreate middle-earth, which means that’s; villages, hideouts, mines, tombs, barrows etc. All locations are based on real LotR maps. Some of the names will though be made by us, cause’ they don’t have one on the maps. It should though be pointed that all names we will create will fit for their culture, inhabitants and style.









for ranks click here

for FAQ click here


We use Planet Minecraft as a way to spread the word. Visit our mod (The Awaken Dreams Mod) webpage here.


Or our server site: here

Why should I Join?

You should join The Valar Project if you want to play Minecraft with a whole new experience. but the best reason to join us is you'll see Middle-earth in a whole new way, like it's never seen before. you'll have the chance to live your own life in the world and start your own journeys!


  • green= available things to do when the server start RPG
  • red= planned things
  • blue= things you can do right now!


here is what you will be able to do on the server when it's 100% complete:

  1. Help creating middle-earth
  2. Explore Middle-earth
  3. Buy a house
  4. Change race
  5. Start or join a clan, gang, band, family, fellowship, brotherhood or order
  6. Talk with your favorite heroes
  7. Take quests
  8. Get an ingame job
  9. Become a wizard and learn magics (only for high ranked)
  10. Use new vehicles (ships, rams, siegetowers, wagons etc.)
  11. Smoke a pipe of old Toby (and others)
  12. Take part of an event! (like the siege of helms deep or the battle of Pelennor fields)
  13. Join a tournament and win honor for your family, brotherhood etc.
  14. Gather your own army and command the mobs (only for high ranked)
  15. Play ingame games (liars dice, a lotr card game etc.)
  16. Join partys on special dates (like Durin's day and Yule)
  17. Look into a Palantir or Galadriels mirror
  18. Change sides between good & evil
  19. Ride on new creatures (fellbeasts, giant eagles, ponies, horses, wargs etc.)
  20. Kill mobs, rank up and upgrade your skills
  21. find strange and new creatures you never would have imagined (dragons, balrogs etc.)
  22. Get promoted and you'll have new possibilities
  23. Play some of the Lord of the Rings music ingame!
  24. Promote your servants (only for high ranked)
  25. Get a fitting Lord of the Rings name on the server
  26. post bounties on other players head!
  27. help naming some of the unnamed villages, locations etc.
  28. Play on instruments ingame (drums, guitars, harps etc.)
  29. read lord of the rings book ingame (like the book of mazarbul, the red book etc.)
  30. Take to the undying lands (only for high ranked)
  31. Find our easter eggs all around in Middle Earth (like the ruins of Nogrod etc.)
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